Penponds Homecare Ltd are looking to put the care back into caring. What we aim to do, with our domiciliary care in Swindon, is to provide a more personalised brand of care – one that puts the user first, as an individual, not just a number.


Personal Care

We understand that, with any form of domiciliary care, in Swindon, where we operate, or anywhere else, the service user is inviting us to share their most intimate moments.  more  

Companionship/Domestic Services

One of the biggest challenges facing the elderly and others in need of social care is isolation and loneliness.  more  

End of Life Care

The end of life is a difficult time for many, with health issues and age taking their toll. With that in mind, we believe that every single person who wants live out their final da...  more  

Specialist Care

Our dedicated team of carers are highly experienced and skilled in dealing with a variety of illnesses, ensuring that special care is taken to treat them with compassion and kindne...  more  

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care

What they take from you is your autonomy, but we do our best to maintain that for as long as we can, respecting the needs and wishes of the service user at all times.  more