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One of the biggest challenges facing the elderly and others in need of social care is isolation and loneliness. 

The world keeps getting busier and busier and, as much as we'd like to, it's hard to make the time to give your elderly loved ones the companionship they really need. That's where Penponds come in. As part of our domiciliary care in Swindon, we offer a simple service that ensures your loved one has somebody to talk to. We'll keep them company when you can't be around and help them get that valuable social interaction that we all need. In addition, we'll also help with:

  • Social Excursions
  • Respite Care
  • Shopping
  • Domestic Chores
  • Managing Finances
  • Support with Pets

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Fighting Isolation with Friendship

We'll keep your loved one company. Get in touch today, on 01793 337 061 or by email at enquiries@penpondshomecare.com to find out more.

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