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Penponds Homecare have a fantastic team of qualified, skilled, passionate and dedicated homecare support workers, who all go above and beyond in everything they do. They are the face of Penponds and they have brought back some of those homely, old-fashioned values, which have been lost from the care industry. Our old-fashioned roots are something we are very proud of, with those values of family and community a major part of everything we do. What our carers also bring is passion! Many of our care workers have been in the industry for over 20 years, and still bring that same vigour and positivity that they had for the job on their very first day! If you're looking for domiciliary care in Swindon, Penponds are the team for you! Come and be a part of our family!

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What We Do

Our founder, Tina, wanted to recruit support carers who are as passionate as she is and who have the little details that make life worthwhile in mind. They might say 'I can get you a loaf of bread and bring it back when I come back later if you like' or, when someone mentions that they can't remember the last time they had fish & chips, our support carers say 'I will bring you in some for tea today if you like' or even 'would you like to come with me to do your shopping this week, because I can fit your wheelchair in my car and it would be nice to get you out.' At Penponds, we always go the extra mile.

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Meet The Team

Michelle, Carer in Swindon


Michelle Sharps

I have worked in the care industry for 34 years working in Care Homes and Domiciliary Care also working in a Convent with elderly Nuns that needed care and support.

I have worked for larger corporate companies at different levels, but always felt there was something missing and too much pressure with no work and life balance. I have been working with Penponds Homecare now for 3 years and after starting as a Senior Homecare Support Worker, I now work in the office as an Office Supervisor, a job role of many things, but I still like to go out in the community to do care calls which I absolutely love doing and wouldn't want that to stop.

What makes working for Penponds enjoyable for me is:

  • We are a small company that hasn't lost sight of care, with no one being just a number.
  • There is great support from Management down to the carers and we truly are like a family.
  • The Teamwork with every member of staff is amazing which makes your working day a lot easier and incorporates a happy workplace.


Sharon, Carer in Swindon


Sharon Wellsteed

I have worked in care for the past 18 years and have worked at Penponds Homecare now for 5 years and on the onset, I found that Tina the owner had the same values as myself, which was to provide the best possible quality of care, to provide continuity of care and to value our service users as people not just a name on a file or just a job and to value and appreciate our workforce.

I initially started at Penponds as a Senior Homecare Support Worker and worked my way up to Assistant Manager to work alongside Tina. The values and passion of Penponds has radiated through the team and we have the most fantastic team of skilled carers that have the same values and passion, which is to provide the best possible quality of care. We never lose sight that our frontline carers are the face of Penponds and with the outstanding positive feedback we receive it reassures us that we have ‘got it right' and the initial reason why Penponds Homecare was founded is maintained and sustained.  I like nothing more than to put my uniform on and go out in the Community to work alongside the carers.

Working at Penponds is like a family unit, which is how we treat our clients and their families who are all a part of our family. With all the positive feedback we receive it makes sometimes a difficult job worthwhile.


Michala, Carer in Swindon


Michala Bird

I have been working with the wonderful team at Penponds Homecare now for 6 years. I initially started as a Homecare Support Worker and have made my way up to being the Compliance Supervisor.

I have a passion for enabling people to stay in their own homes with support to enhance their self esteem and to enjoy a better quality of life, whilst knowing they are safe.

My job role allows me to work closely with the people we care and support along with their family members.  I like to make sure that the people we care and support are happy and confident in knowing that Penponds will keep them safe and that the provisions of excellent care and support we provide is maintained. I love working at Penponds as I also work closely with all members of the team to ensure that everyone is working within our policies and guidelines at Penponds.

It is great to be apart of a team that has the same work ethic, passion and commitment as me and working at Penponds is like being a part of a family who all gets along extremely well. This makes for a great atmosphere and a relaxed happy workplace.









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