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Home Care in Swindon

Hi there, I'm Tina! I started my career as a Home Help worker for the local council, in Camborne, Cornwall, at the age of 18. I've worked in the Health and Social Care sector, at various management and director levels, for many years. Something was missing, though. I saw, as time went on, how clinical and impersonal the care industry was becoming and so, Penponds was born! We now offer the best domiciliary care in Swindon, ensuring that your loved ones get the care that they need.

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Penponds: Home

I frequently get asked where the name Penponds came from. I was born and raised in Camborne Cornwall – Penponds is a small, quaint village on the outskirts of Camborne, where I spent many hours as a child with my parents and siblings. It's where I hold very fond and happy memories. My parents were married at Penponds village church and it is now their final resting place. During my working career in hospitals and in the community, I encountered many things and it became clear to me that it was time for me to try and bring back some of those old-fashioned values that had defined my childhood.

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Domiciliary Care in Swindon

What Drives Me

I am extremely passionate in my belief that every vulnerable adult has the right to remain independently in their own home if they wish to do so, with all the necessary support required to achieve and honour their wish and to keep them safe. I wanted to provide a service to support vulnerable adults, so that they can stay in their own homes, with support from carers who go above and beyond.

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